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Why plant more Churches?

To look across the vast majority of our nation you cannot help but notice that there are a great deal of churches.  Granted, most of these churches are not what we would call a good Bible-believing, Bible preaching church.  However, many of them do hold to essential doctrines of the faith and are preaching by grace through faith.  So why plant another church in America?  Why not go to Africa or Asia or the 10/40 window and win souls in another country?
There is a great need in our own country today for Independent Baptist Churches to rise up and meet the challenge of Satan in our own backyards.  We as a nation have allowed a foothold by the evil one that has become a stronghold and is choking out the very life which we used to give to others around the world.  The truth of the matter is that though there are many people in the Bible-belt who haven't heard a clear presentation of the gospel, it has come to our attention that we are losing the battle in most if not all our major cities.
The following graph gives a picture of this very thing and reminds us of our biblical mandate to go and reach those in our Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and the uttermost part of the earth.  You will notice the color coding with maroon being where the most churches are (over 30%), orange (10% to 30%), yellow (5% to 9%) and white (below 5%):



As you can notice from the map, the New England area is almost barren when it comes to Bible preaching churches.

Top 5 Metropolitan Areas
  1. New York Metro                                      21,199,865
  2. Los Angeles Metro                                 16,373,645
  3. Chicago Metro                                          9,157,540
  4. Washington DC Metro                              7,608,070
  5. San Francisco Metro                                7,039,362


Top 5 Cities
        City Name                   Population 2000                      Population 1990
  1. New York, NY               8,008,278                                    7,322,564
  2. Los Angeles, CA           3,694,820                                    3,485,398
  3. Chicago, IL                  2,896,016                                    2,783,726
  4. Houston, TX                1,953,631                                    1,630,553
  5. Philadelphia, PA           1,517,550                                    1,585,577